Fab Club Tops

For about a year we debated about having a club top, especially when supermarkets like Aldi have a cycle clothing sale with quite nice tops that we could all arrange to purchase.  But, if course, that would only be OK while they are available - which is usually about a couple of days!

I came across a company that had  top design software, free to use, and any design / colour combination.

We had a planning meeting in Feb 2012, after a few people had had a bash at designing some tops and colour schemes.  I had some sample tops from the company (Owayo) and we had a very pleasant and productive evening, leaving me with a design and questions to ask.

Money collecting and ordering later, along with negotiation with our local bike shop for sponsorship, and our tops finally arrived in early April.

At the bike factory, with Steve who helped to arrange sponsorship!

Later in 2012, with autumn approaching,we put in another order for long sleeved tops.

Tops can be ordered via Owayo, but can be costly for small orders (less than 20).  The last order went in November 2013; so it may be some time before another one is planned.


  1. Looking good girls! Because of your pics (and also the Chichester Biking Belles) we went with Owayo too.

    Julie and the Herne Bay Ladies x

  2. Thanks Julie - yours are nice, good colours! Heading for a winter top order soon, I think.